Study: Facebook Profile Ads Are More Effective Than Homepage Ads

Homepage Heatmap IconA study which was recently completed by Mulley Communications found that Facebook users spend more time looking at advertisements on profile pages than on the homepage. More specifically, “71% of users looked at adverts on their Profile pages, 31% of users looked at adverts on the News Feed page”. While the data wasn’t surprising, the study provided interesting insight into the behavior of students at the National College of Ireland.

Here were the main finding of the survey:

  • 71% of users looked at adverts on their Profile pages, 31% of users looked at adverts on the News Feed page (homepage).
    Users pay more attention (53% vs. 31%) to page updates in their News Feed Wall rather than adverts to the right-hand side of the Wall.
  • 30 out of the 40 users log on to Facebook once a day or more.
  • The average number of pages these users are fans of is 28 pages.
  • Games were mentioned as a popular Facebook activity in pre-test questionnaire. When questioned directly if they play any games on Facebook, only 11 out of 40 indicated that they do, the most popular game is Farmville.
  • Just over half of these users currently share videos via Facebook. Younger rather than older users are more likely to share videos. Posting a URL link to their own status update in Facebook or commenting on a friend’s status was their preferred way to share video.

If you want to view the full study, you can find it here.

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