SURVEY: Seven In Ten Facebookers Worry About Privacy

Almost seven out of every 10 people on Facebook worry about their privacy while using the site, according to a poll released today by Gallup and USA Today.

That same poll found that 65 percent of Facebook users are concerned about viruses. That and the finding on privacy appear to be the only survey questions on this issue, but the two are a lot more significant than many other polls with greater numbers of data points because the source has no vested interest in demonstrating security problems.

Facebook’s battle on this front has as much to do with education as actual security issues. People remain ignorant of the privacy settings on the site, and apparently the social network needs to continue to promote this very important set of features.

Perhaps an advertising campaign could explain the privacy features — I’m thinking of television commercials that show how to use the settings to limit the visibility or accessibility of one’s profile, with explanations about why one would do so.

Readers, what do you make of the data from Gallup and USA Today? Do you think Facebook needs to enhance its privacy features, focus on educating people about them or both?

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