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Facebook Testing A Return Of Notifications In Admin Panel


In March, Facebook made a change to the admin panel for page owners, replacing the notifications space with a list of posts and reach data, as well as a button where page administrators can pay to promote posts. This was a very unwelcome change among marketers and page owners. However, many page owners noticed late Wednesday that the section in question has changed so that users can toggle between post metrics and notifications.

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Facebook’s Page Admin Panel Trades Mediocrity for Monetization


The notifications panel on Facebook’s page admin panel wasn’t ideal. The hodgepodge mix of recent fan engagement with your posts was imperfect, confusingly splitting likes from comments for each post. This tended to work well for smaller pages posting less frequently, but on larger pages with multiple posts per day, notifications bordered on useless, and clicking on them led to an even more confusing list of notifications from the past week.

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Facebook: Change To Page Admin Panel ‘Wasn’t Meant To Push Promotions’


Last month, Facebook page owners started to see a change in their main admin panel, as notifications were replaced with greater reach reporting on a post-by-post as well as a button to pay to promote the story to more users. Recently, this has rolled out to more admins. However, the switch has been unpopular among many page owners, who feel that Facebook is pushing ads upon them. A Facebook spokesperson talked with AllFacebook about these changes, saying that it’s honestly not a ploy to get more ad revenue.

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