The 10 Biggest Fibs By Facebook Tool Providers


Software is the new snake oil. At the click of a button, you have 1 million fans, incredible engagement, sales coming out of your ears, and your car parked for you. Only that last one is true, by the way. Just because there are more than 1 billion users on Facebook, doesn’t mean your Facebook page has Field of Dreams on all of them. So let’s look at the most common fibs things by tool providers in our space. Nod knowingly or comment below if you recognize them.

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Mediabistro Course

Facebook Marketing

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Why Facebook Could Be Worth $200 Billion

With Google worth more than $200 billion based on nearly $29 billion in revenue last year, and Facebook worth $50 billion to $70 billion based on less then $2 billion in revenue last, it’s easy to call Facebook’s current valuation hype. Why then would so many investors be willing to purchase a stake in Facebook for so much? We take a look.

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The Center Of The Google Vs Facebook War: The Like Button

Facebook Sniper Crosshairs

-Facebook Sniper Crosshairs-By now it has become well known that Google is planning a competitor to Facebook. While many believe that it may be too little too late for Google, the reality is that it’s a matter of survival for the company at this point. Google’s automated algorithms have become inefficient in that their systems are somewhat easy to game and despite Marissa Mayer once claiming that search is 90 percent solved, the reality is that it isn’t anywhere close.
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