Facebook Pushing Early Virtual Birthday Gifts

If you thought Facebook birthday notifications were helpful reminders of your friends’ big day, then you’ll love the new feature Facebook added today. You can now send a virtual birthday gift to your friends up to seven days in advance of their actual (listed) birthday. Facebook is offering two options for the new early birthday gift delivery: directly from your friend’s wall or via Facebook birthday e-mail reminders, which contain a direct link to send your friend an early birthday gift.
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Facebook Gets Agressive with Virtual Goods

-Facebook Birthday Cake-A few months back, we asked if Facebook’s gifting application could become a billion dollar idea for the popular social network. Maybe Facebook is wondering the same thing.

Last night I signed onto Facebook and saw on my notifications tab that it was my friend Ken’s birthday. I don’t typically send a virtual greeting card or gift to friends on Facebook–I prefer to write on their wall, send them a private message or give them a call. So instead of clicking on the option to send Ken a greeting card, I clicked on his user name instead, expecting to be redirected to Ken’s profile where I’d be able to write on his wall.
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Birthdays and Photos, From Facebook to Your Mac

-Address Book Sync Logo-With the surmised official launching of Facebook Connect, it’s evident that Facebook will very well become the center of activity and attention for a good portion of the social web. But why limit this social hub to other online networks?

A new application called AddressBookSync lets you match Facebook user photos and birthdays with your Mac OS X address book and your iPhone, simplifying your offline life just a little bit. AddressBookSync does his by matching names from your Facebook friends list to those in your address book. There is an option for “Last Name Only” matching, as well as the ability to select which friends you would and would not like to be synchronized for this application. From then on, future updates for user photos and birthdays will be automated.
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