Fighting Over The TV: Facebook Provides Data To 10 Overseas Networks; Twitter Provides Data To Nielsen


Facebook and Twitter dug in their heels Monday in their attempts to establish beachheads in the world of television, with Facebook announcing plans to release data on actions (likes, comments, and shares) related to TV shows to 10 networks in eight overseas countries, while Twitter announced that it will provide data to ratings powerhouse Nielsen on the number of tweets about TV shows and those tweets’ total audiences.

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Likebook, Which Creates Physical Books From Facebook Content, Uses NSA, Prism In Ad Campaign


It was only a matter of time before fear of the National Security Agency’s Prism initiative — in which the agency was allegedly granted access to user data from Facebook and other Internet companies — was used as an advertising tactic. Likebook — which enables users to create physical books populated with Facebook content such as status updates, photos, and life events — did just that in a press release it issued Friday.

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