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Croatia's President Becomes Overwhelmed With Friend Requests

Ivo Josipovic Headshot

-Ivo Josipovic Headshot-According to Reuters, Croatia’s newly elected President, Ivo Josipovic, is currently overwhelmed with friend requests on Facebook. Apparently the celebrity President has not yet figured out the advantage of using a Facebook Page over a personal profile. The new President told state radio “I have 5,000 friends, which is the maximum allowed on Facebook. I also have another 7,000 waiting so I don’t know how we’ll work that out.”
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Global Protest Watch: Croatian Facebook Protests

-Croatian Protester-Facebook is rapidly becoming a platform for organizing protests around the world, Croatia being the latest country to do so. According to the Canadian Press, “thousands of members of an anti-government Facebook group are set to leave cyberspace and take their protests to the streets” today. The group has over 60,000 members but there is no news yet about whether or not the protests have actually materialized.

Last week I wrote about a Croatian Facebook user who was jailed after creating a group called “I bet I can find 5,000 people that hate the Prime Minister.” The group now has over 15,000 members and the creator of the group was ultimately released. I also read this week that the Prime Minister called for an investigation into the jailing as they were inappropriate.
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