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Facebook Signs Letter Seeking More Transparency From Federal Government On National Security Data Requests


Facebook was among the more than 60 companies, investors, civil-liberties groups, and trade groups to sign a letter to top federal government officials requesting the ability to disclose more information about data requests related to national security, Time reported, as fallout from the National Security Agency’s Prism initiative continues.

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Facebook Squeezes Digg Into A New Business Model

Digg Logo

Digg LogoWhile I personally love using Digg to find my news content, the majority of the internet is perfectly satisfied finding content through their friends. While Digg is in the process of rolling out a new version of their site, Facebook’s decision to release a “like button for the internet” could significantly impact Digg. Combine that with their previously released share analytics and share button, and you can see how Digg is getting squeezed into a new business model.
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Facebook Tells Digg To Fix Their Connect Implementation

Digg Connect Icon

-Digg Connect Icon-Digg is one of the most significant implementations of Facebook Connect to date but not everything is rosy as Digg has violated Facebook’s terms in the process of rolling out their service. One month ago a developer in the Facebook developer forum began complaining that Digg was actively storing user information. One month later Matt Trainer who handles developer relations at Facebook posted that they’ve “followed up with Digg to make sure that no profile information is stored against Facebook policy.”
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One Year Later, Facebook Connect Goes Live On Digg

-Digg Icon-At last year’s annual f8 event, Digg came on stage to announce that they would be officially supporting Facebook Connect. Almost one year later, support has finally gone live. We’ve take a look and it’s a pretty basic integration. Essentially you can login using your Facebook account and whenever you Digg an article, you are prompted with the option of publishing that Digg to your feed. I haven’t yet figured out if new Diggs will be published twice if you had previously imported your Digg account.
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