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Face.com Scans 13 Million Facebook Photos Every Day

-Face.com Logo-There’s well over 10 billion photos on Facebook, making it the largest photo-sharing site on the web. Now that’s a lot of people tagging each other. Face.com’s Facebook app, called Photo Finder, has taken on the task of tagging every last one of these photos, and a month after launching its beta version, Photo Finder has scanned over 400 million photos, getting through 13 million photos in a single day.
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We're Related Pranks Users Into Believing Barack Obama Is A Cousin

-Family Link Icon-Did you know that you’re President Barack Obama’s fourth cousin, once removed? If you believe the April Fools prank email alert sent out by the We’re Related Facebook application, then you might as well be related to Obama. The notification email from by We’re Related was sent to 19 million people.

While some have fallen for the prank and others saw right through it, the result remained the same for We’re Related–a major spike in traffic. We’re Related has reported 500,000 unique visits today, which is five times higher than the traffic for this same period on We’re Related’s previous best day, despite it’s ongoing top app status.
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Kaplan Launches More Facebook Apps to Prepare Students from High School to Med School

-Gmat Qbank Icon-Facebook started out as a network for college students, so it only makes sense that organizations like Kaplan turn to Facebook for outreach and to make themselves available to college and post-grad students as resources. This week Kaplan is launching a new suite of Qbank applications for the SAT/ACT, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and NCLEX. These follow the success of Kaplan’s USLME Qbank application for medical students that was released on Facebook just weeks ago.
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Wordy Facebook App is Gaming Glory

So another word game has caught my eye, and my heart. Wordy has stolen the last hour of my life away from me, but I’m not even mad. This new game is available as a Facebook application, and one of the reasons it’s so appealing to me is because it has several game modes that encompass multiple word games into one app. There are tons of ranking options and multiplayer games, so the fun just never ends.
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The Bad Taste Bears Missing Good Opportunities on Facebook?

The Bad Taste Bears application on Facebook has found itself on the fastest-growing app leaderboard. While the application itself is among the many powered by Gift Creator, the user that created it has tapped into a potential branding opportunity that the Bad Taste Bears could take advantage of. Though there a number of applications and groups dedicated to the cult-like following of these novelty bears, only one has seen significant growth in the past month, reaching upwards of 5,000 monthly users.

Anne’s Bad Taste Bears application is in fact a gifting application, which allows you to send virtual representations of these cute but raunchy collectibles to friends. The real Bad Taste Bears are based in the UK, which is an area of the world that’s seeing a good amount of adoption for the Facebook social network. But Facebook’s own global reach could help push the Bad Taste Bears brand even further, with applications that are gaining this amount of traction.
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HotPrints Adds Family Themes to its Facebook Application

HotPrints, the photo application that lets you create, print and send albums from your existing images on Facebook, is revealing new themes with its updated offerings. The two new themes are the Family Memories Book and the Baby Book. These are both family-oriented photobooks, aimed at a demographic different from the themes HotPrints started out with. HotPrints is also adding Holiday- and Travel-themed options as well.
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Sudoku Solver Takes Off on Facebook

Sudoko lovers, there’s a Facebook application called Sudoku Solver that’s right up your alley. Developed by HashCube, Suduko Solver is a free Sudoku game that you can play right inside of Facebook. Given the successful trend Sudoko has seen, it’s not entirely surprising that this application is among the fastest growing on Facebook. Now, I’m pretty good at word games but numbers just turn my brain to mush. So Sudoku isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. But there are a few features on Sudoku Solver that make the Facebook application a little more appealing than the physical Sudoku books everyone’s carrying around under their arms.
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