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Facebook's "Lying" Ad Platform Mystery Revealed.

Yesterday we reported on a Facebook screenshot that replaced the Advertising tab to read as the “Lying” tab. We initially thought the screen shot may have been a hoax because of the tab’s alignment, but later learned that the screen shot wasn’t altered. What we didn’t learn yesterday, however, is what Facebook had to say about it.

In the face of having a serious and ongoing issue with the public perception of its ad network, Facebook has revealed today that the word “Lying” appeared as a result of its language translation application, reports TechCrunch. This was, in fact, an English to English auto-translation that managed to allow the word lying to replace the advertising tab in certain regions.
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Disgruntled Facebook Employee? Probably Not.

Facebook Advertising Hoax

Update: upon further review, it looks like this prank may have taken place but we can’t confirm this. There are other images that don’t have the same issue we’ve found with this particular screen shot, but we’re unable to confirm whether they were modified as well. The slant of the articles covering the issues makes it difficult to determine whether or not this is accurate. Have you seen similar issues take place?

A prank reportedly pulled by a disgruntled Facebook employee got the attention of TechCrunch UK writer Mike Butcher. When he was tipped off that someone working at Facebook had hacked the system and changed the Advertising tab to read “Lying,” Butcher questioned Facebook’s ability to keep employees happy as well as the company’s ability to prevent such security breeches. But a closer look at the image sent by the Facebook tipster leads us to believe the whole thing was a hoax.
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