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Can Your Facebook Likes Give Away Your Identity?


Many Facebook users worry about their personal identities being compromised on the social network through unfortunate photos or tagged posts. But a University of Cambridge study shows that it’s possible to gain information such as political affiliation and ethnicity just from seeing Facebook users’ likes. Social security firm also published a top 10 list of the Facebook applications that require this information when users connect to them.

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Facebook Captures 46% Of Third-Party Logins

46 Percent Icon

In a new study published today by Gigya, Facebook was found to be the most popular third-party login service across all sites, capturing a whopping 46 percent of the market. Also somewhat surprising was that Twitter apparently captures 45% of third-party logins within media sites. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that despite Facebook’s dominance, providing a variety of third-party login services is important to capture all new visitors to a site.
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Facebook's Transition To An Open Identity Platform

OpenID Logo

While many developers believe that opening up access to user emails may corrupt the Facebook Platform ecosystem, the company appears to be moving forward with the transition. Dan Peguine of HonestyBox forwarded us a screenshot last week of a prompt which asks the user to offer their email to the application developer (pictured below). While this is most likely an initial test, it’s clear that Facebook will soon grant developers access to user emails. If things stay on schedule, this could be the largest implementation of an OpenID-like authentication system ever.
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Facebook's Race To Collect Our Digital Identities

-Large Fingerprint Icon-Over the past few years Facebook has grown from a tool for connecting with others to a tool for sharing information with others. This new model is helping Facebook to collect more relevant information about consumers and is slowly changing the advertising world forever. We are in the midst of a shift toward monitoring our digital footprints and Facebook is currently taking the lead in what appears to be a battle for our commercial identities.
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