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Pandora Now Prompts Users To Opt-Out Of Instant Personalization

Pandora Privacy Dialog

Pandora Privacy IconFollowing the controversy surrounding Facebook’s instant personalization program, Pandora made a subtle change yesterday which drives users to opt-out of the program and make their profile information private. The new privacy settings also let Facebook users decide “whether or not [they'd] like to import [their] information from Facebook to Pandora”. The main change here is that Pandora is proactively notifying users about their privacy settings.
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Facebook Users Stop Posting About "Instant Personalization"

Instant Personalization Opt Out Icon

-Instant Personalization Opt-out-While Facebook’s new “Instant Personalization” program has drawn the attention of privacy advocates, Facebook users, and the press, the rate at which users are opting out of Facebook’s “Instant Personalization” program is decreasing. Over the past couple months, we’ve been writing about users who are sharing how to opt-out of instant personalization. At one point it looked like multiple users were posting how opt-out every second. Now it’s one or two users an hour.
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Don't Expect "Instant Personalization" To Become Opt-In

Privacy Camera Icon

-Privacy Camera Icon-Based on a number of conversations we’ve had with various sources over the past few days, it appears as though Facebook’s highly controversial “Instant Personalization” program will remain opt-out following the upcoming privacy overhaul. It’s ironic because it violates one of the core privacy principles that Mark Zuckerberg highlighted last night in his Washington Post article.
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Facebook Must Make "Instant Personalization" Opt-In Immediately

Opt-Out Icon

-Instant Personalization Opt-Out-It’s pretty outrageous to watch Facebook defend something which is obviously unethical. I’m talking about the company’s “Instant Personalization” program which the company forces users into, whether they like it or not. Despite the ongoing public criticism about the service, and a number of other products, Facebook is standing strong, arguing that users “love” what Facebook is doing.
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How To Opt-Out Of Facebook's Instant Personalization

Opt-Out Instant Personalization Icon

-Opt Out Icon-Over the past week we’ve been receiving numerous inquiries from users looking for further details about how to opt-out of Facebook’s new “Instant Personalization” service. We’ve been covering the controversy surrounding the new Instant Personalization service over the past week, and while it’s unknown whether or not Facebook will kill the service, users want to know how to protect themselves as they navigate the web.
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