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How To Launch An International Campaign On Facebook

International brands constantly face the challenge of launching a campaign or promotion that’s targeted toward a specific country, but must launch the application on their global brand page. That results in backlash from the fans located outside of the region where the offer is available.

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Facebook Now in Over 30 Languages, Opens French Office

-France Flag-This afternoon Facebook wrote that the company had opened an office in France. This announcement coincides with Le Web which started today in Paris, France. Also related to Facebook’s international growth, the site is now available in over 30 languages in contrast to the 22 which were available at the end of October. The numerous languages available are clearly contributing to the company’s rapid international expansion.

France has been rising in popularity for the company with over 6 million active users in the country, which is a whopping 50 percent growth in a little over a month. It’s no wonder that the company is putting resources into the country as it’s quickly becoming one of the largest user bases on Facebook. Perhaps there will eventually be an office in every country if Facebook continues to grow at this pace.

Despite the down economy, Facebook continues to put significant resources into expansion as there is a continuing race for global social network domination. Facebook is in the lead but it’s definitely not time to give up as MySpace and Google are trying to mute some of Facebook’s ongoing successes. There are easily 30 other languages that are currently in beta so Facebook still has a long way to go when it comes to translating the site.

The company launched the Translations application back in March and has now made it’s way through a good portion of all the world’s languages but they still have a long way to go. With each new language comes new users so it will be exciting to see how growth expands with each new language.

Are there any languages that the company hasn’t launched yet that you are still waiting on? Also, if you want to see which languages have been added over the past month, I’ve marked the image on the left with red dots next to each new language.