Why Facebook Dropped HasOffers, And Why The Mobile App-Tracking Landscape Must Be Disrupted


On April 15, HasOffers and Kontagent had to deal with more than just paying taxes: They were forced to drop support for Facebook mobile ad tracking due to violations of policy for retaining too much user data. This was a surprise to many in the industry when it was first announced, because Facebook depends on its mobile measurement partners to help measure the effectiveness of its mobile ads. Advertisers rely on these mobile tracking solutions because they offer cross-platform products that support Google, Apple iAds, and Millennial Media, as well as Facebook.

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Kontagent Launches Massive Upgrade To Analytics Product

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Kontagenet, the current Facebook analytics leader, is launching a new end-to-end analytics suite which is currently tracking over 70 million monthly active users. The upgraded service now includes event tracking and user funnels, something that has been limited to products like Mixpanel and KISSmetrics until now.

Kontagent’s analytics suite helps to optimize user acquisition, conversion, viral growth, game mechanics, and monetization. The ability to track how various traffic sources perform for applications is most definitely a significant upgrade, although there’s no doubt that the top buyers of Facebook Ads have been optimizing this for a while now (some of who have been tracking through kontagent). Detailed analytics is critical for any serious application developer as costs for new user acquisition increases over time.

Kontagent’s service also includes the ability to see how demographic groups contribute to the viral growth of the application as well as to the bottom line (ARPU). Most significant about kontagent is that they don’t perform data sampling like most traditional analytics platforms, such as Omniture. On the social web, kontagent argues, collecting all data is important in order to avoid losing data about outlier users, or whales, who contribute the most amount to the bottom line.

Additionally, kontagent believes that their “user centric” approach (in contrast to the “page centric” approach) is much more effective on the social web, something we happen to agree with. kontagent claims that measuring data at this scale through services like Omniture would typically bankrupt a company. While we don’t know the pricing charged by Omniture, there’s no doubt that kontagent has some pretty clear advantages. You can learn more about the product via the slideshow below and via the company’s website.

Kontagent's Facebook Analytics Platform Gets Upgraded

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-kontagent Logo-Kontagent, the leading social analytics platform, has announced a new suite of features and $1 million in funding. This new round of funding is mostly from Angel investors, but the company’s CEO and Founder Albert Lai told us that the company would be pursuing another round later this year. The company is primarily focused on Facebook application analytics, helping developers to optimize the viral loop within their applications.
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