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LivingSocial Doubles Down With $25 Million Funding Round

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-LivingSocial Logo-D.C.-based LivingSocial has raided $25 million in a series B round, with an emphasis on their LivingSocial Deals product as a continued source of revenue growth. The round was led by U.S. Venture Partners, with Grotech Ventures and Steve Case’s Revolution, LLC participating as well. The company is also announcing the expansion of LivingSocial Deals into four more cities: Chicago, Denver, Raleigh Durham, and San Diego.
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LivingSocial Starts Serving Up Local Deals

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Earlier today LivingSocial, the Washington D.C. based social discovery network, launched their deal of the day product. The new tool let’s you find deals on local products and services that are listed in the LivingSocial network. The LivingSocial deals are currently limited to Washington D.C. but will be expanding over the coming weeks and months. Next on the list are New York City and Boston but there are many others in the pipeline.
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LivingSocial Becomes the Largest Facebook Application Ever

-LivingSocial Icon-Just over a week ago I wrote that LivingSocial has become the top Facebook application. The company has continued to expand their lead and as of today have become the largest Facebook application ever based on monthly active users. Previously, Causes held the record of 26.95 million monthly active users. Today LivingSocial breached the previous record, jumping to 27.13 million monthly active users, up from approximately 20 million just over a week ago.
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LivingSocial Becomes King Of The Hill On The Facebook Platform

-LivingSocial Icon-We’ve been expecting LivingSocial to become the top application for a week or two now but as of today the statistic is official. With 20,009,207 monthly active users, the application has surpassed Causes who has dropped to 19,930,177 monthly active users. We haven’t been able to put our finger on the reason of the massive drop by the leading application but whatever the cause, LivingSocial has leaped to the top of the leaderboard in just a couple of weeks.
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Flixster And iLike Run Out Of Ideas, Rip Off LivingSocial

-Burglar Icon-When the Facebook platform launched two years ago there were hundreds of copycats of successful applications that popped up almost instantaneously. Two years later we are back in the same position except this time it’s big app developers stealing from each other. Flixster and iLike have literally stolen entire chunks of Living Social’s extremely popular Pick 5 application which has attracted over 14 million users in a couple of weeks.

Early on the Facebook platform was considered the wild west but it appears that not much has actually changed. Large developers publicly steal from other developers which occasionally end up in costly legal battles. This time around there’s no indication that it will end up in court but for large developers with millions of dollars of funding and cash flow, directly ripping off other companies seems like a pretty weak strategy. Then again Facebook directly rips off features of other companies, such as the “Like” feature on feed stories which was lifted from FriendFeed.
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LivingSocial Experiences Surge In Popularity With New Design

-Pick 5 Icon-When the new Facebook redesign rolled out a couple weeks ago, many users were confused by the new layout, some of which were threatening to leave Facebook if the issues weren’t resolved. Whether or not the users are angry, there have been a few silent winners of the new redesign: quiz applications and Living Social. Many users have complained about the non-stop quiz stories in their feeds but there is no doubt that it has driven substantial traffic to these applications.
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