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Why Facebook Rejects Startups


Insiders know that getting close to Facebook product teams is the best the way to take your business to the next level. Pitching Facebook as a startup is hard, though. New Facebook features create a virtual gold rush for platform developers. New Facebook application-programming-interface features enable new ways to monetize virtual goods in social games, for example. New Facebook ads features create new ways to target advertising to specific users — audience segments like “everyone who has purchased virtual goods on Facebook” — creating huge opportunities for those who move to monetize first.

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Hands-On Social Media Training for Beginners

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Facebook Testing "Suggest An Ad" Feature

Suggest An Ad Button

Suggest An Ad ButtonFacebook has begun testing a new feature within the Facebook self-serve ads tool which automatically suggests ad copy and images for new advertisements. Once a URL is entered for the advertisement the tool presumably automatically generates an advertisement which includes text and images from the URL that was entered. The “Suggest An Ad” button, which was first found by Jens Wiese, is definitely an early stage test, but Facebook hopes the tool will help increase ad sales.
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