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Facebook Search API Returns A Fail Whale

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Starting yesterday afternoon, around the time that the stock market was in the midst of crashing, Facebook’s new search API stopped returning updated status updates. The result was that all dependent applications stopped functioning. While the search API only launched a couple weeks ago at f8, many large search providers have already integrated robust indexing of Facebook’s search results.
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Facebook Launches Community Pages And Basis Of Open Graph API

Cooking Community Page

Cooking Community PageThis afternoon Facebook officially rolled out “Community Pages”, a new form of Facebook Page which is not managed by a specific user but instead by the entire community. It’s also a much more structured version of what Twitter has called the public interest graph. Twitter and Facebook are clearly in a race to structure the world’s data as it’s connected to individuals. Any object, anywhere. Facebook’s solution to tracking these things is a new “like” button.
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Twitter Forces Facebook To Open Up Beyond "Friends"

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Strangers IconAt Facebook’s developer conference (f8) next month, the company is expected to announce a number of services that continue the opening of the platform as well as expanding access to disconnected user data. Soon enough you will be able to more easily access the public information being posted by users if information from our sources is true. While you can already search Facebook users, publicly posted information will be easier to discover through new features and developer APIs.
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The Open Graph API: What Does It Mean?

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-Facebook Connect Identity Icon-At yesterday’s Facebook Developer Garage, Facebook outlined a number of the upcoming changes to the Facebook Platform which we are still in the process of digesting, however one major thing stood out to us: the Open Graph API. Why Facebook chose to share this tidbit is a little bit curious, as it appears to be a shot at smoothing over some of the broader changes at hand. Whatever the impact of Facebook’s changes on developers are, the Open Graph API is part of a broader movement by Facebook.
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