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Facebook Introduces Yet Another Open Source Project: XHP For PHP

XHP For PHP Icon

-Facebook XHP Icon-On the heel’s of Facebook’s announcement of HipHop for PHP – their “source code transformer” of the PHP scripting language which many Facebook applications are built upon – comes XHP, an extension to inline XML. The full impact of using XHP is still to be determined, Facebook’s Marcel Laverdet says that this makes “front-end code easier to understand” and helps “avoid cross-site scripting attacks.”
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Facebook Formally Announces HipHop For PHP

HipHop for PHP Icon

HipHop for PHPAfter ongoing rumors of a new version of PHP being released by Facebook today, the company has officially announced HipHop for PHP: a source code transformer. For those who suggested that it was a new compiler, it isn’t exactly that. And no, Facebook has not rewritten PHP all together. While I don’t understand much about the technicalities behind compilers, Haiping Zhao has posted complete details about the project.
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Facebook Prepares To Open Source A New PHP

PHP Logo

PHP LogoFor some time now, a single developer at Facebook has been rebuilding PHP from the ground-up. It illustrates the quality of engineers that work at Facebook and this specific project is something that many Facebook employees are extremely proud of. Over the weekend, the SDTimes suggested that Facebook will officially announce their latest open-source project: a new PHP compiler (referenced off the record as “Hyper PHP” or “HPHP”).
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New Facebook Connect Library For CodeIgniter Released

Code Igniter Logo

-CodeIgniter Logo-If you’ve spoken to me about development at any point in the past few months, you’d know I’ve become a big fan of CodeIgniter for quick application development in PHP. Any regular programmer will always look for ways to save time during the development process. If you happen to be developing a Facebook Connect enabled site, then a Facebook Connect library can help save some time. Thankfully Elliot Haughin has done just that for CodeIgniter developers.
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