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Facebook MarketingStarting Janaury 13, work with the group marketing manager of social media at Microsoft/BingAds to build a fan base and grow your business on Facebook! In this course, Geoffrey Colon will teach you how to set up and enhance your company page, understand best practices and measuring your success, execute a monthly content strategy, and incorporate Facebook into your overall marketing efforts. Register now!

What Makes A Story Successful On Facebook?


National Public Radio has been wondering: What makes a story tick on Facebook? The company examined its geotargeted stories throughout July, August, and September, and found that nine types of stories in particular tended to do rather well on Facebook: place explainers, crowd pleasures, curiosity stimulators, news explainers, major breaking news, feel-good smilers, topical buzzers, provocative controversies, and awe-inspiring visuals.

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Twitter Steals Facebook's Stories Idea, Calls It "Tales"

Twitter Tales Icon

When Facebook crossed the 500 million user milestone, they celebrated with the launch of a new product called “Facebook stories“. The product was well received and the employees of Facebook were pretty excited about the launch. Two days ago Twitter launched “Twitter Tales”, a product which is essentially a direct copy of Facebook Stories. To say the least, there are a number of Facebook employees who weren’t happy about it.
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Facebook Fairytales Book Illustrates the Medium Empowering the Message

facebookfairytaleslogo Marshall McLuhan’s concept of “the medium is the message” hinted that the way you communicate is as much a message as what you’re saying or typing. And with that said, everyone knows a few people that complain about the ‘medium’ of Facebook, and how it promotes frivolous, meaningless relationships and it’s as or more impersonal than email. Tell that to Emily Liebert, the author of Facebook Fairytales: Modern-Day Miracles to Inspire the Human Spirit. The book consists of a series of nearly thirty touching stories about people, their relationships and their lives… and each story has Facebook in a supporting role.

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