Facebook Memes, Or The Telephone Game?


In the old children’s game commonly referred to as telephone, the first player whispered a message to the second player, and the message was passed through the chain of participants until it reached the final player, and that player’s version of the message was then compared with the original, as the message was usually changed during the process. Lada Adamic, Thomas Lento, Eytan Adar, and Pauline Ng of the Facebook Data Science Team found in a study that the same principle applies to memes on the social network.

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Telephone Calls on Facebook, a Dual App

-eggPhone Logo-Telephone is a recently launched Facebook application that lets you make free VoIP calls directly from Facebook. There are several other applications that enable you to do this on Facebook and other networks like MySpace and Bebo, but Telephone, launched by BabyTel, is adding a few extra features to hopefully make it worth your while.

After adding the Telephone app to your Facebook account, you can launch the service and make phone calls directly to your Facebook friends. In order to make a VoIP call, both you and your friend will need to also have the application as well as the downloadable software. But the good thing about having the software installed on your computer is that the Telephone app can then be used as a standalone desktop application for sending and receiving calls even when you don’t have Facebook open in a web browser.
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