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Facebook MarketingStarting Janaury 13, work with the group marketing manager of social media at Microsoft/BingAds to build a fan base and grow your business on Facebook! In this course, Geoffrey Colon will teach you how to set up and enhance your company page, understand best practices and measuring your success, execute a monthly content strategy, and incorporate Facebook into your overall marketing efforts. Register now!

Tweetdeck For iPhone Now Supports Facebook

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-TweetDeck Logo-In September, Tweetdeck updated their desktop application to allow users to view their entire Facebook feed next to their Twitter feed. Given that it’s probably the most popular Twitter desktop application, Facebook support became extremely useful. As of today Tweetdeck’s iPhone application now provides support for Facebook as well, letting you view and update your Facebook stream while on the go.
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You Can Now Access All Your Facebook Content From Tweetdeck

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-TweetDeck Logo-Earlier this month Tweetdeck announced that they would begin integrating the full Facebook stream into their widely used desktop application. The new version of the application has now gone live and you can view your entire news feed and then implement filters which limit the content to status updates, wall posts, photos, videos, and custom groups of friends. That means your Facebook feed will now sit right next to your Twitter feed … talk about content overload!
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It's Official, Tweetdeck Becomes SocialDeck With Facebook Integration

-SocialDeck Icon-Today Tweetdeck will officially announce integration via Facebook Connect, bringing streaming Facebook status updates directly to your desktop. Just last week I suggested that this will soon become a reality. Little did I know how quickly this would actually take place. One of the largest hurdles to developing streaming status services in the past was a delay in response time to status.get API calls.
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Zuckerberg Uses TweetDeck Because He Knows It Will Integrate With Facebook Soon

-FaceDeck Icon-If you’ve been following Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter feed over the past few days you probably noticed that he was updating his status from TweetDeck. So why on earth would Mark Zuckerberg use a tool which relies on a competing platform (Twitter)? If you don’t think it’s a big deal, imagine if Mark Zuckerberg decided to set up a MySpace page to start promoting himself in order to reach a different audience. Do you think he would do that? I doubt it.
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