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Facebook (NOT) Rolling Out New Product Research Service (Updated)

-Survey Photo-According to the Telegraph, Facebook announced at Davos that it will be rolling out a new service to provide real-time research for companies looking to test “the appeal of new products. Companies will be able to pose questions to specially selected members” based on their profile information. The new service is a substitute for expensive and time-consuming focus groups that many product oriented companies invest in.
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Mark Zuckerberg, WEF, and the Sentiment Engine

-World Economic Forum Logo-There’s been a lot of buzz today about Mark Zuckerberg’s new “sentiment engine” that Facebook is supposedly working on according to Robert Scoble who was paraphrasing a conversation he had with Mark Zuckerberg while walking the streets of Davos. Working on a sentiment engine sounds like something which is more abstract. This is in contrast to what Tim Kendall said in the podcast I posted this morning, which was that Facebook is working on bringing status update content and the time frames of those updates to the ad platform.
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World Economic Forum Tests Facebook's New Polling Engagement Ads in Real-Time

-World Economic Forum Logo-Today Facebook announced that the World Economic Forum currently being hosted in Davos, Switzerland, will be running a serious of “real-time ‘pools’ during a select group of panels at the World Economic Forum”. There will be questions such as “Which renewable energy source is most promising?” and “If you lost Internet connectivity for an extended period, would there be vitally important data you’d leave behind in the cloud?”
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