Television Fanatic Explains How Technology is Changing TV and Movie Viewership

The Internet has greatly affected the way that the public accesses information, and Television Fanatic points out how this applies to entertainment as well. This browser extension program allows people to view their favorite television shows online for free simply by downloading a platform to their desktop. As technology continues to advance, viewers are looking for newer, more convenient ways to watch their favorite programs.

Some of the prominent changes regarding technology’s influence on television include the following:

  • A majority of all television is now being watched through third-party providers such as Hulu or Netflix rather than on traditional channels.
  • Over half of the population between the ages of 18 and 24 has stated that it views its television content through a broadband Internet connection.
  • Instead of checking with regular programming schedules, people are relying on social media to learn about new shows.

A Television Fanatic representative states, “One of the major reasons that Internet technology is changing how we view television is because of control. Viewers want to be able to control where, when, and how they watch their favorite videos. Unfortunately, traditional television does not allow that. Thanks to online providers like Netflix and Hulu, viewers have the power to manage how they view their television shows and movies at the palm of their hands.”

More residential television sets are being connected to the Internet each year. Desktops, laptops, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and other devices make it incredibly easy to host a connection from the Internet to a large-screen TV. By 2017, it is believed that the amount of Internet-connected television sets would reach approximately 650 million.

Technology’s influence on television viewing has attracted new companies to the entertainment industry. Apple and Google are two top contenders that are vying for the lead position in television-to-Internet connectivity. At the same time, content owners, service providers, and advertisers are upholding larger responsibilities. They are tasked with carrying large volumes of video data and ensuring that it is properly distributed.

Technology has made it easier for television programmers to interact with their audiences as well. Studies have shown how many viewers will watch television while also on their smartphone, tablet, or computers. These habits have provided opportunities for programs to take a new direction in entertainment.

For example, one of BBC’s most notable shows revolved around the literary character Sherlock Holmes in a modern-day setting. Whenever his assistant, Dr. Watson, wrote in his blog, it would automatically be published to the Sherlock Holmes website, where it can be viewed and commented on by viewers. Interactivity is the key to enhancing entertainment, and today’s technology is letting society come one step closer to that goal.


Television Fanatic Instructs Users on Its Simple Services

“Viewing your favorite television shows or movies should be easy and convenient, which is what Television Fanatic has set out to accomplish,” states a leading television program director. “They believe that everyone should be able to take advantage of the technological advancements in entertainment and use them to improve how they watch TV. The browser extension is easy to use and only requires a few minutes of your time to set up.”

This provider utilizes an easy-to-use browser extension that is both free and legal. Users simply download the program to their computer and can start streaming their favorite shows. The floating platform scours the Web for shows and then pulls them from reliable servers. The program aggregates the most popular shows that are out right now and brings them right to users’ screens.

The program follows a strict code of compliance to ensure that it operates legally. All of the shows are obtained and distributed around the world legally and safely. Users have the option to sync the browser extension with their Google accounts, netbooks, Netflix profiles, and even Hulu accounts. This method of distributing videos is also safe, and users never have to worry about contracting a harmful virus.

This provider is the one-stop shop for online viewing needs. It is the top company in its industry, and numerous people are signing up on a daily basis because of its massive benefits. Viewers have the chance to watch their favorite entertainment legally, for free, and right from the comfort of their own laptop.

“They also believe in social connectivity,” comments a marketing executive close to the project. “Social media is becoming a huge part of the community and they want to use that to promote viewership. Viewers can follow their Twitter and Facebook pages where they constantly post updates on new shows that can be downloaded. Viewers have the chance to connect with others who have similar interests and can expand their palates for entertainment.”



Television Fanatic is a browser extension program that allows for users to watch hundreds of their favorite shows online at no cost.


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