Lobbying Group The Internet Association Reveals Full Roster, Platform

Initially announced in July, lobbying group and trade association The Internet Association announced its full membership, which includes Facebook, as well as its policy platform.

The 14 current members of The Internet Association are:


And the three planks of the group’s platform are:

  • Protecting Internet freedom.
  • Fostering innovation and economic growth.
  • Empowering users.

President and CEO Michael Beckerman said:

A free and innovative Internet is vital to our nation’s economic growth. These companies are all fierce competitors in the marketplace, but they recognize that the Internet needs a unified voice in Washington. They understand that the future of the Internet is at stake and that we must work together to protect it.

The Internet is the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy, with an unparalleled record of job creation and innovation across all sectors. It is the Internet’s decentralized and open model that has unleashed unprecedented entrepreneurialism, creativity, and innovation. Policymakers must understand that the preservation of that freedom is essential to the vitality of the Internet itself and the resulting economic prosperity.

Readers: Do you think The Internet Association can become a force to be reckoned with in the halls of Capitol Hill?

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