The Timeliner Will Help Facebook Users Organize Their Pre-Facebook Content

TheTimelinerNostalgia site DoYouRemember and developer Rokk3r Labs are creating an iOS application that allows Facebook users to organize that murky time period between when they were born and when Facebook was born, announcing plans to release The Timeliner in the iTunes App Store prior to the holidays.

The Timeliner is being developer to help users organize posts, photos, videos, and links in chronological order, on the exact dates when they occurred, and it will be optimized for all mobile platforms.

DoYouRemember Representative Richard Bronson said in a release announcing The Timeliner:

On almost anyone’s Facebook Timeline, the period from when the user was born to when they registered on Facebook is virtually empty. We’re helping enrich the Facebook Timeline experience and helping people organize their memories. We think they’ll end up spending even more time on Facebook. Working with Rokk3r makes good business sense, as they’re the head-and-shoulders best team of mobile developers in south Florida.

Rokk3r Labs Co-Founder German Montoya added:

We see dozens of pitches every month, and the second we heard about DoYouRemember’s The Timeliner, we knew immediately that we wanted to be a big part of it. We are confident that The Timeliner has huge potential and that people will love to be able to — finally — place posts on their Facebook Timelines exactly where they belong.

Readers: Will you check out The Timeliner when it is released?


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