'There Is No Facebook Phone,' Mark Zuckerberg Says

HTC’s press conference this morning included a video of the social network’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg saying that there is no single Facebook phone. Instead, there will be dozens of devices featuring Facebook shortcuts on the home screens.

And the two HTC phones unveiled earlier today both have a blue F key on the bottom that lead to Facebook. The button glows when the user accesses content that can go over the social network, and pressing it sends the information to the site.

The Taiwanese mobile device maker’s ChaCha has a 2.6-inch screen and a keypad, while the HTC Salsa has 3.4 inch touchscreen. Both run the Android operating system, and will become available in Europe and Asia during the second quarter of this year.

So if there is no single Facebook phone, and devices that the social network previously denied a tie-in with now have the CEO’s tacit endorsement via video, that suggests we’re going to be seeing lots of new devices with social media capabilities this year. We have yet to learn when any of these gizmos will become available in the U.S., but suspect that once they do arrive here, some form of price war may ensue, benefiting consumers with the power of choice.

Does the prospect of many variations on Facebook phones make you contemplate upgrading or switching models in the near future?

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