MEMORIAL DAY: Condiments On Facebook

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who served our country, but Memorial Day weekend is also the unofficial kickoff of grilling season, and digital intelligence firm TrackMaven decided to focus on the grilling equivalent of accessories, analyzing the Facebook pages of 12 condiments from May 1 through 21.

TrackMaven found that hot sauces, such as Frank’s Red Hot and Tabasco, were also red-hot on the social network, while Mt. Olive Pickles may find itself in a pickle if it doesn’t step up its Facebook efforts.

Here are the performances of the 12 pages TrackMaven selected, in terms of likes, posts per day, and likes per post:


  1. Frank’s Red Hot: 1,136,473
  2. Heinz: 1,103,204
  3. Tabasco: 975,627
  4. Hellman’s: 896,154
  5. French’s: 275,988
  6. Sweet Baby Ray’s: 123,216
  7. Vlasic: 108,123
  8. Grey Poupon: 60,298
  9. Hunt’s: 32,125
  10. Duke’s: 24,665
  11. Mt. Olive Pickles: 22,098
  12. Masterpiece: 19,730

Posts Per Day:

  1. Hellman’s: 1.143
  2. Frank’s Red Hot: 1
  3. Heinz: 1
  4. Vlasic: 1
  5. Grey Poupon: 1
  6. French’s: 0.714
  7. Sweet Baby Ray’s: 0.571
  8. Hunt’s: 0.571
  9. Tabasco: 0.285
  10. Duke’s: 0.285
  11. Masterpiece: 0.285
  12. Mt. Olive Pickles: 0

Likes Per Post:

  1. Tabasco: 3,002.5
  2. Frank’s Red Hot: 2,840.428
  3. Hellman’s: 736
  4. French’s: 560.6
  5. Duke’s: 473
  6. Heinz: 253.85
  7. Sweet Baby Ray’s: 171.25
  8. Vlasic: 125.857
  9. Masterpiece: 28.5
  10. Hunt’s: 25
  11. Grey Poupon: 14.571
  12. Mt. Olive Pickles: 0

TrackMaven added:

While remembering those who served our country, Memorial Day also marks the kickoff to summer with the warm-weather grilling many are craving for this coming Monday. Even though a grill couldn’t function without the obligatory hotdogs and hamburgers, the wide range of condiments make or break the ultimate Memorial Day grilled feast. Application of the condiments goes way beyond just the meals to the extremely active accounts on Facebook from several notable brands.

Readers: Did your favorite condiment make the cut?

Grilling image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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