WARNING: Tracy Morgan Is Not Dead, Despite Scam Facebook Posts To The Contrary

TracyMorganVideoScam650There is nothing funny about fake Facebook videos proclaiming the death of actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, who was involved in a fatal automobile accident earlier this month. Morgan is alive and well, not to mention reportedly improving. The diagnosis may be different for Facebook users who click on the scam videos.

Malwarebytes reported on the Morgan video scam, saying that posts attempting to bait users into sharing videos are spreading throughout the social network, with the following caption (unedited) as the bait:

[Death Video] R.I.P. Tracy Morgan died few minutes ago in hospital

Users who click on the link are directed to share the videos, and then taken to various offers and downloads, including the one pictured below.


Christopher Boyd of Malwarebytes offered the following advice to Facebook users:

Pay no attention to scammy and sensational sounding videos appearing on your Facebook feed and stick to trusted news sources for breaking stories and information.

Surveys are always a pain, but scam sites offering up random redirects always carry the potential to be even more problematic — you simply never know where you’re going to end up. The final destination could be harmless, or it might be a PUP, malware, or even a phish.

Don’t risk it, and advise your friends to play it safe in future should you happen to see a scam video appearing on their feed.

Readers: Have you seen any Tracy Morgan-related scam posts in your News Feeds?

Screenshots courtesy of Malwarebytes.

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