TripAdvisor Navigates Facebook’s Open Graph Seas

Facebook’s Open Graph is a popular stop on the itinerary of travel reviews site TripAdvisor, which said engagement on its site is 27 percent higher from users of the social network, adding that one out of three new reviews are posted by users signing in with login with Facebook.

TripAdvisor was one of the earliest adopters to integrate with Facebook, and the social network said in a case study on its Facebook Developers page that the TripAdvisor site, its mobile applications, and the Facebook canvas are all linked by login with Facebook, leading to a seamless experience no matter how TripAdvisor users are accessing the service.

Once TripAdvisor users login with Facebook and focus on a destination, they can see ratings, check-ins, likes, and reviews from their Facebook friends. The social network said Facebook users contribute double the amount of content than TripAdvisor users who are not connected to Facebook.

TripAdvisor’s Facebook app, which boasts 39 million monthly active users, allows users to create travel maps, rate attractions, earn badges, and see how they stack up against friends in terms of cities and countries visited, and all of those actions produce stories in Facebook’s News Feed. More than 1 billion Open Graph actions have been published to Facebook by TripAdvisor users.

TripAdvisor also incorporated advertising into its Facebook strategy, moving past its initial focus on driving users to its app, and tapping the social network’s ad offerings such as sponsored stories, targeted ads based on users’ actions, right-hand-side ads, and page post ads, resulting in more users visiting its site and remaining for longer time periods.

TripAdvisor more than doubled its total of new users acquired via Facebook in 2012, and that resulted in a near doubling of marketable members, to 44 million.

Facebook described TripAdvisor’s use of Open Graph in its case study:

TripAdvisor tapped into multiple and diverse Open Graph options beyond just the ability to like and share. The apps give TripAdvisor travelers the ability to create and share stories, reviews, and opinions on Facebook that are highly relevant and engaging, encouraging people to interact more with the TripAdvisor brand.

In the TripAdvisor Facebook app, travelers pin cities where they have been and can list destinations where they want to go, as well as rate the places they visited on their trips. The traveler can immediately see which of their Facebook friends have been to a particular city in order to compare notes on their travels. The app uses Open Graph custom properties, such as location, to allow travelers to share the cities they’ve visited and their favorite places on Timeline. TripAdvisor also uses Open Graph to allow travelers to review and rate. To date, TripAdvisor users have published more than 1 billion Open Graph stories about their travels, helping to inspire countless friends.

TripAdvisor Senior Director of Product Jamie Conroy added:

Open Graph enables tens of millions of TripAdvisor users to share their compelling travel stories with friends each and every month.

TripAdvisor users: Have you used login with Facebook and the TripAdvisor Facebook app, as well?

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