Verify Your Facebook Account Or Wind Up Frustrated

Have you noticed an alert prompting you to enter your phone number of credit card in order to verify your Facebook account? Many users have reported seeing the prompt and they are getting frustrated. Especially those individuals who don’t have a mobile phone or a credit card!

While you may think that most people have a mobile phone number or a credit card, there’s a large group of Facebook users who don’t (see this Facebook thread). Unfortunately for those individuals Facebook has a larger problem that they’re dealing with: hackers and spammers. In recent months the volume of Facebook spam and hacking has reached new levels.

Facebook is taking the human verification process to new levels not just to improve their database of verified identities, but out of necessity. It’s an interesting dynamic in that improving their automated “human verification” process adds a significant amount of business value as well. If you’re hoping for Facebook to eliminate these automated systems anytime soon you are out of luck.

Facebook is only increasing these systems to prevent spam and security breaches. The result is that if you don’t verify your identity, you’ll have to enter a captcha every time you make a post on a wall or comment on a status update. The reality is that you’ll need to figure out a way to verify your identity. If you don’t have a phone number or a credit card, you can try driving across the country as this woman did.

Confirm Phone Dialog

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