VirtuOz Virtual Agents Support Facebook Messages

With more brands turning to automated responses in order to help them manage their ever-expanding volumes of consumer communications via Facebook and other social networks, virtual agent solution provider VirtuOz announced support for Facebook messages.

VirtuOz IVAs for Facebook messages allow brands to respond to common queries regarding sales, marketing, and support, with consistent, personalized replies aimed at helping to resolve issues on the spot, or at directing customers to the proper support channels.

The company said its clients can now:

  • Respond to inquiries in minutes, or even seconds.
  • Identify more complicated inquiries and direct customers to the proper department (sales, marketing, support), via their preferred communications method (mobile devices, websites, social networks).
  • Balance their staffing requirements.

VirtuOz Chief Marketing Officer Pamela Kostka said:

To effectively serve today’s always-on consumer, a virtual agent must be capable of providing a consistent, personalized concierge service across every interaction in a customer’s journey to find a resolution. Whether the customer first engages with a business via Facebook on a laptop computer, then moves to their mobile phone or tablet, and then to the company’s website, the goal is to provide a consistent and contextually relevant experience that ultimately results in a satisfied customer.

VirtuOz’s IVAs for Facebook messages provides an immediate, personal, engaging response to a customer’s private message sent on Facebook, while balancing the intensive, manual effort inherent in social media. It’s the best of both worlds for the Web-savvy, social network consumer, as well as businesses committed to meeting their progressive customers’ needs.

Readers: Do you think the use of virtual agents and automated responses by brands on Facebook is too impersonal, or are you in favor of it if it leads to shorter response times?

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