Use Facebook Verbally On Android Devices With VoiZapp’s Friends Aloud

Facebook users with Android devices can use their voices and ears to access, listen to, and post status updates and comments with Friends Aloud, a new application from VoiZapp.

The Austin, Texas-based developer said Friends Aloud taps the Android operating system’s built-in automated speech recognition capabilities to allow users to:

  • Hear their latest news feed posts and associated comments in a pleasant, easy-to-understand voice.
  • Dictate status updates, comments, and like posts, complete with punctuation.
  • Access a text entry screen to enter status updates and comments.
  • Scroll through each post on screen or tap around to read posts at random.
  • Automatically switch between reading existing posts in sequence or just reading new posts as they arrive.
  • Play, pause, and skip forward/back.
  • Continue reading aloud while in the background.
  • Understand and read common computer jargon such as smiley faces and texting-style abbreviations (LOL, ROTFLMAO, happy/sad faces, etc.).
  • Choose to limit the number of comments read aloud.

The app is available for download from Google Play for $1.99.

VoiZapp CEO Robert B. Wesson said:

Facebook has become an integral part of peoples’ lives, and mobile has fundamentally changed the way they access and use social networking services. You can now stay in touch with your Facebook friends while safely driving, walking, exercising — anywhere your eyes are otherwise occupied. And you can dictate your own posts and comments without needing to type anything at all. In short, you can have a complete Facebook experience by voice.

Readers: Would you find an app like Friends Aloud to be a useful addition to your mobile devices?

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