Now that Facebook has produced the so-called smoking gun evidence that Paul Ceglia fabricated evidence in his claim to half ownership of the company, there’s an opportunity to turn the tables: the social network could file a criminal lawsuit against him for fraud and related charges.

But that would only make the drama continue.

Some might argue in favor of ending the litigation as swiftly as possible — and not adding any additional suits — as a public relations strategy.

The idea here would be to remove all the bogus claimants from getting any of the spotlight that Facebook could better use for its own messages.

We’re curious to know what you think: Should Facebook sue Paul Ceglia for fraud and send a message that might hopefully prevent him from attempting another forgery against some other victims?

Or should the social network try to take a noble route and strive to move on as quickly as possible?

Share your opinions in the poll below — notice that underneath it we’ve embedded a copy of the “smoking gun” filing — and be sure to check back to see how others are voting.