WARNING: Facebook Events Become Security Frontier

Facebook continues to do a marvelous job reining in spam, but just like every other security problem online, as soon as one fire is extinguished, another one flares up. So the latest frontier for rogue applications appears to be the event feature on the social network.

Our friends at Sophos have pointed out the advent of bogus events targeting up to 10 million users at a time. We recognize that the relative novelty gives the spammers a temporary edge, so it’s just a matter of time before Facebook catches up with this new type of scam and eradicates it from the site the way others have been quashed. ]

In the mean time, if you receive an invitation to an event from anyone you don’t know personally, don’t click on the “more information” section of the invite. That’s where the scammers embed links to pages containing malware that will put you, and possibly all your friends at risk.

Remove invitations from strangers from your event list, and suggest the same to your friends. While you’re at it, report suspicious looking invites to Facebook security.

Readers, have you seen any examples of event invitation scams? And when was the last time you reported something suspicious to Facebook security?

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