Facebook Testing Google WebP Image Format

Facebook is running a limited test of a possible solution to the staggering amount of photos hosted by the social network, converting JPEG photos to Google’s WebP image format for compatible browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera, but the experiment is already facing resistance.

CNET reported that the biggest complaint so far involves the fact that WebP images are not compatible with software such as Windows, OS X, and Photoshop.

Facebook is testing WebP as the smaller file sizes of image files could help it reduce network costs and speed up site performance, according to CNET, which added that WebP offers animation and transparency support, and it can replace PNG images in situations where lossless compression is desirable.

As reported by CNET, one Facebook user complained on the WebP mailing list:

As of yesterday, I’ve been able to download funny pictures from Facebook from friends in correct formats, but now they are downloading as an additional extension of .webp??? How do I fix this? It states that I’m downloading a .jpg, but it keeps coming up with “Save file as .webp” I’ve tried scrolling down and click on all files to save it as, but then the picture will not show up. Help????

However, Everything.me Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Joey Simhon told CNET:

WebP files have proven to look (to the naked eye) as good as JPEGs and weigh less.

Readers: Do you think Facebook should further explore WebP?

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