Who Developed The Original Facebook Logo?

As Facebook has become one of the largest global brands, the company’s logo has also become one of the most recognized in the world, but who actually designed it?

Over the past few days a discussion has started about the source of the original Facebook logo with most responses pointing to a San Francisco-based design agency, Cuban Council. The font is a modified version of Klavika. Interestingly enough, the font has been used since originally being called “The Facebook.”

However, at some point in 2005 , Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg supposedly sought out the assistance of Cuban Council to help with the logo. Michael Buzzard of Cuban Council wrote the following in response to the question “Why is Facebook’s logo blue?” posted on Quora:

The napkin sketch was, well, a content prop for our site. That didn’t actually happen.

When we first met with Mark [Zuckerberg] and Sean [Parker] to discuss the identity, Sean was leading most of the conversations. When Mark was brought into the project, he and Sean visited our office where Mark posed several questions about what our company did and what design was [to us]. For me to articulate an answer I asked several questions of my own, such as “why did you make thefacebook.com blue?” and “why did you space the content like that?” He mentioned his colorblindness and he also said that he did what he could to “make it feel right.” So, in his terms, I told him that as a design company we made things that “feel right to most people most of the time.”

We hired our close friend and type designer Joe Kral of Testpilot Collective to finesse the logo mark and we then hired Peter Markatos (now of Markatos and Moore) to compose various stationary recommendations for their business cards, letterhead, etc.

As the image below illustrates, the logotype was not changed dramatically since first called The Facebook. However, multiple people have pointed to Cuban Council as the source; so, we’ll stick with that as the origin unless we learn otherwise.

Facebook Logo

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