WikiLeaks Browser Gets Tease On Facebook

It was only a matter of time before someone put together a browser that would make it easier to search through the hundreds of thousands of leaked diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks has been sharing with the public. And it only made sense for Dazzlepod, makers of the cable browser, to team up with Facebook in order to support the release of the application.

Dazzlepod just launched a teaser application on Facebook that leads readers to the full-fledged cable browser, which offers a host of new features that make following the secrets revealed by the leak a lot more manageable, and offers a real upgrade from the offerings available at WikiLeaks.

The new browser sports nice tables and a more manageable keyword search capability. Other features include an alphabetical listing of every embassy affected by a cable release, as well as the ability to post comments about every document and see revisions. Plus you can set up email alerts when new cables are posted, and also when new items with your keywords are released. Further upgrades and revisions to the capabilities of the browser are expected in future versions.

Does posting a teaser version of an application on Facebook make you want to try it out? Have you taken the new WikiLeaks browser for a spin, and if so, what did you think of it?

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