Yahoo Prepares To Release Massive Facebook Integration

-Yahoo! Logo-While Yahoo! has previously announced their intention to release a comprehensive integration with Facebook, few details have been available as to what exactly that means. Yesterday, Techcrunch released screenshots of the new integration and so far it’s nothing that it is exactly unexpected. Instead it’s simply deep product integration of Facebook into Yahoo’s existing product suite, including Yahoo! Mail, and the company’s massively popular homepage.

Yahoo’s Integration So Far

After first announcing site wide integration of Facebook Connect within Yahoo! properties, the company has already launched a number of Facebook integration points. The first significant integration was the Facebook Contact importer which enables Yahoo! mail users to integrate all of their contacts’ email addresses.

Then at the end of March, Yahoo! integrated Facebook within Yahoo! Mail further by “enabling users to update their Facebook status from Yahoo! Mail as well as view their contacts profile photos when they’re emailed”.

Today’s Announcements

Today the company is expected to release further integration with Facebook, enabling users to update their status from the Yahoo! homepage as well as view their Facebook feed from the Yahoo! homepage and the Yahoo! mail inbox. While the product integration is something that any other company leveraging the Graph API is able to accomplish, it’s substantial because Yahoo! is one of the largest internet companies.

Aside from the fact that Yahoo! is a big company, there really isn’t much else to this announcement. Below are screenshots of the new integration.

Yahoo Facebook Homepage Integration Screenshot

Yahoo Facebook Inbox Screenshot

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